Wednesday, June 5, 2013

C-Clown on After School Club (May 8th)

The six boys of C-CLOWN were special guests on Arirang TV's After School Club last May 08. If you haven't seen the episode you can check the Video on Demand section of After School Club's website. You might as well check the other episodes too.
I am close friends with C-CLOWN members especially Barom. Every time we see each other backstage in music shows or events it's like meeting old friends. hehe. Barom is probably one of the nicest idols out there. I know some diva idols and Barom is the total opposite. He's very down to earth. He is also very motivated and really a passionate person. He told me to tell international fans that he's reading all your mentions, messages so just keep it comin!
I have talked to everyone in the group already several times and based on that I could probably give some insights on their character. TK is surprisingly fun to talk to. At the start he would tend to be really quite and shy but when he gets to know you he'd say a lot. He even utters lots of English words with good pronunciation. hehe Ray on the other hand is very bubbly. Every time I take a photo of him he'd give suggestions on how he want it to appear. Like he'd say can you make this one cute? The last time he told me to take a "sophisticated man type of photo" of him. So I was'd I do that? lol
The youngest member Maru was carrying an English book with him the last time we meet so I was testing his English. He said he'd study more and next time he'll talk to me in English. Siwoo is a little bit quite in front of people but not when he's with the other members. Kangjun I'd say is also very bubbly who appears to joke a lot too.
These six members are really close to each other like a family. So to all CROWNs out there continue to support them. During this episode of After School Club, Siwoo said he wants to ride on a plane. He said they haven't been outside of Korea.
Well it's a shame because I know the group has many international fans. Hopefully, they'll be able to travel soon. In case you wanna invite them, you can shoot me an e-mail and I'll try my best to connect you with them (if you're a promoter).

After School Club airs live every Wednesday on Arirang TV at 5pm. You can chat with your favorite Korean stars/ idols so the format is really unique. It's all in English to especially cater to international fans!


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