Saturday, May 11, 2013

Heo Young Saeng and MIB on ASC

ASC's MCs Hanbyul and Eric Nam and the special guests

Arirang TV's very own idol variety real-time show After School Club's (ASC) second guests were SS501's Heo Young Saeng and rap group MIB. I wasn't really able to stay during the whole recording so I will just show you some pics I took when I was at the studio.

ASC's special guests Heo Young Saeng and MIB
MIB (5Zic, Sims, Cream, Kangnam)
 MCs Led Apple's Hanbyul and Eric Nam

MIB or Most Incredible Busters is famous for having good music (yep personal favorite). During the show SIMS was asked how he feels being the maknae (youngest) in the group but at the same time because of his mature appearance people usually think of him as the oldest. When that was asked I thought maybe he'd received such question a million times already. LOL I've encountered MIB many times. I even interviewed them for like 10 minutes before haha. The first one was during their debut. Originally I didn't have a good impression of the group because of their angry looking manager at that time. But now, they've changed a lot. They're very friendly and I don't see that angry looking manager anymore, although there is one more now but he's kinda ok. haha. When Kangnam saw me the other day he was like "We've met before right?" in Japanese. So I said, yeah a couple of times. I actually interviewed you before. So he was "Oh hahaha"

Heo Young Saeng's like...Why am I doing this? kkk
Now, every time we meet at the hallway in any music shows or events we act like we know each other. Haha. They're very nice. So far I've only talked to Kangnam. I usually call him by the name Takuya, not because it's his real name (no idea what's his real name though) because he looks like Takuya the famous Japanese singer and actor. I've also met Heo Young Saeng many times already but wasn't really able to talk to him. But I have a good impression of him because of the last picture (see above). I told him to hold his CD and I will take a pic and he said sure! hold the his signed CD, smiled and posed. Then we shook hands and he even tapped my back. Like cool fwends! kk

For more details about After School Club go and check their official accounts here : FacebookTwitterWebsite. The good thing about this show is international fans can participate. Check the website for the instructions. You can also watch the previous episodes on the VOD list.


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