Saturday, May 11, 2013

A-Prince Joins Gangwon in Reviving Korean Traditional Market

I had a chance to join A-Prince in one of their most recent activities. We went to Gangwon Province last May 5th to attend a charity concert. The concert aims to revive people's interest and hoping that more and more people in the community would patronize local products in the market. A-PRINCE got invited as ambassadors and also the first K-Pop group to grace the said event for this year. Last year B1A4, U-Kiss, Chi Chi also attended the said event.

The members said they're really honored to be invited for such event. Before the concert started they were given a chance to roam around and enjoy the market. So they bought products being sold there like rice, noodles, vegetables just like Korean ajummas ^^. Woobin said they'll be bringing it back to their dorm.

A-PRINCE performed their hit singles Hello and You're the Only One. They also did a cover of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful. They ended their performance with PSY's Gangnam Style and Gentleman which was received by the people with a massive applause and a lot of giggles from girls.


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