Saturday, April 13, 2013

2014 Art Major Scholarship at K Arts

I always announce the opening of this scholarship every year and I have many friends who are recipients of this scholarship so might as well share this to KIMIPAKCHWE readers!

The application for the 2014 Art Major Scholarship is now open for undergraduate and graduate degrees. K Arts or Korea National University of Arts is considered the country's most prestigious art school. Popularly known as Hanyejong (한예종).

Check how to apply: 2014 Art Scholarship at K Arts

Personally, I think this guy here in the picture, Lee Jee Hoon is one of the best actors in Korea these days (although he's currently serving the military for now). He is a proud student of this school and yes if you could study here then you'll get a chance to see him or people "like" him. I know most of my readers are K-Pop fans, so yes there are many students here who are idol-looking or who knows...are also idols.

But of course you're gonna enrol here to study and yeah enjoy kkkk! K Arts has six schools: Drama, Music, Film TV & Multimedia, Dance, Visual Arts and Korean Traditional Arts so if you are interested in these fields and Korea this might be your chance!


  1. hi! im a professional ballerina, and a ballet teacher as well.. I would like to enrol for a masters degree in dance but.. i'm kinda confused with the application process here. Would you mind if i ask?.. do i just have to send to K-Arts my application form along with other supporting documents? don't i have to apply first to korean embassy? :) thank you in advance :)

  2. annyeong!i am an approaching high school graduate and i regret the fact that i discovered this late.are there some ways in which i can still apply?thank you.i need this so much.

  3. hello...
    i'm ri' from indonesia. can you give me information about master's program of Film TV & Multimedia. when the admission's is open. and how the way?