Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How idol groups spend a day...

Many K-Pop fans may be wondering how their idols spend a day. So I will try to give you an idea what's a typical one day for an idol group. It is kinda hard to be able to give you everything they do so I'll just be giving you common/ general scenario for groups doing promotions.
Hair and Make-up: They usually start the day with hair and make-up, of course after waking up and doing their morning "rituals." Let's say they are going to perform for a program that starts at 6pm. Morning schedule is usually for hair and make-up. They'd all go to their hair shop, usually in Cheongdam area. Then after hair and make-up, maybe 1-2 hours, many groups just go directly to the TV stations for the next schedule which is rehearsals. 
Rehearsals: Before groups perform, there are dry rehearsals. Usually these rehearsals are from 1 to 5pm for a 6pm show. If their scheduled rehearsal is 1pm then they are expected to be there at least 30 minutes before the set time. Rehearsals serve a very important part in the success of every show. Lights, microphones, camera, choreography, positions etc. and idols themselves can check the stage. They can tell the crew if there's something to adjust or whether there's something wrong with the floor etc. The director and crew can also check the choreography, lyrics etc so they'd know the angles and whatever necessary adjustments needed. I don't know about how other countries do their productions but Korean productions are really professionally done up to the point that it's all "scripted." After rehearsals, which usually only takes less than 10-15 minutes, they'd go to their waiting/dressing rooms. Some groups come already dressed with their stage outfits while some come in comfortable fashion. For new groups sometimes they would wear shirts with their names on it or with name tags. It is important for groups to also come in their performance outfits since the lights, angles will also be checked during the rehearsals. 
Waiting Time: Literally they'd wait up to 6pm for the show to start. Since it's a loooong wait they usually bring ipads and the likes or neck pillows with them so that they can play or sleep. But if they want to sleep they'll have to sit because it will mess up the hair and make-up. Some play games, watch movies or shows or watch their own performances. Some check their Twitter (any SNS accounts) or check any news about them while some take lots of selcas and choose one to upload. Some also practice. Some talks with back up dancers and other stars. In one waiting room normally there are two-three groups who share it. That is why sometimes you see them taking selcas together. And some groups since they did not eat yet, they would take the waiting time as also eating time. Sometimes they'd all go out sometimes they will just order
Performance: Then after a long wait they will perform for 3-4 minutes. In some programs they'll have to wait again for to the last part because as you see they'll have to gather all together during the announcement of winner. For recorded programs, usually artists can go after they perform. 

Post-performance: Some groups have dinner while some go back directly to their dorms to eat dinner and set time for practice. Dorms and practice rooms are usually located in the same area. Some groups would use the time to "monitor" their performances. They'd check the recorded video done by the manager, they'd check news articles if there are, some check their SNSs. Most of the times they only check local news written in Korean. Unless they have members or staffs who are aware of how international fans get their updates.

What if they have another schedule?
The story above is usually for the newbies or  groups with no other schedules. Usually, if the group is very famous or already a big name they usually arrive almost before the show starts. Reasons are usually because of prior schedules. In other cases they also film their performances ahead. Let's say a group has another schedule at 6pm, so their performance will be pre-recorded. 

What are these prior schedules?
If an idol group has prior schedule, they may not be waiting that long inside the waiting room but seriously they are really busy and tired. Some start their day really early, as early as 5am or even earlier just to fulfill all the schedules in a day. Some go to interviews for many news outlets (this is how I interview them), if one member of the group has another filming for a drama or a show then that member has to leave first. Some have photoshoots, some have small performances in another city or town, some go to a fan signing or more events. 

For shows like MCountdown, Inkigayo and Music Bank. since these shows only run for an hour, it is impossible to have live performances from all artists. Usually only the comeback stages have live performances. Almost half of what you see on TV are not live performances, those are prerecorded. Prerecording is needed because some performances need preparations like change of backdrops etc. and these would take some time. But the artist show up on stage, sings half of the song while some just wave and do fan service. This is one benefit if you go watch a show inside the studio.

Pics: VIXX, Juniel, A-Jax Jaehyung, MyName Chaejin, A-Jax Seungjin, MyName JunQ


  1. waiting time must be really boring haha

  2. very interesting. thnks for sharing!

  3. so I'll be tweeting them a lot during waiting time since they check our tweets ^^ yay ^^

  4. wow chaejin is so cute ^^

  5. AJAX Seungjin is really like a young Jay Park ^^ he's so cute and yummilicious!

  6. Sounds like they spend a lot of time waiting if not having a packed schedule.. either way it's tiring I bet x_x

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