Thursday, June 21, 2012

BtoB’s Eunkwang is Sunnyhill’s Kota’s younger brother?

Had this really fun experience during the recording of Studio C two weeks ago. I was gonna tell Eunkwang that he looks like a younger brother of Kota, a member of the girl group Sunnyhill. But I couldn’t for some reasons. Hahaha. However, during the recording some members of BtoB, I think specifically Sungjae said Eunkwang looks like Sunnyhill’s rapper Kota. Everyone in the studio bursted into laughter. In my mind I was like, I knew it I wasn't the only one. Hahaha. Sungjae said it after Eunkwang applied lipstick as part of the “irresistible lips” challenge on the said episode. Anyway, so there you go Eunkwang and Kota is the Part 3 of my "Look Alike Korean Celebrities" entries. By the way they’re not siblings or blood related. It's just for title sake.

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