Sunday, June 10, 2012

Backstage with B1A4

Through my work I've personally encountered B1A4 many times. Since their debut, to the time when they reaped almost all the year-end rookie awards up to their most recent comeback with the single "Baby Good Night." So I'll have this entry regarding my encounters with them
First Interview
      Last year I met them backstage in a music show's recording. At that time they were already considered one of the most promising rookie groups. When they arrived they were wearing this colorful outfits which made them really outstanding. We went inside their waiting room to start the short interview. They suddenly counted 1-2-3 and greeted us 안녕하세요 B1A4입니다. A greeting usually done by all idol groups. Since they were new, before meeting them I've researched their names and some whereabouts about them. Then I explained to them what to do. I was actually only talking to the leader Jinyoung while other members were just listening and nodding. Then they planned how to answer or do the interview. They practiced their greetings and there were few bloopers which made the interview funny.

      After the interview I talked to CNU and told him that my friend at school was his classmate in high school. So he suddenly got excited. I told him who and he said it's nice to know. In Korea the concept friend means you have to be in the same age with the person. Since I look way older than CNU, Jinyoung was like "How did it happen?" with a smile in his face almost telling me "you look way older than CNU you can't be in the same age?" So I told him CNU's friend is my hoobae (junior) at school. So they were like "Ahhhh!" Jinyoung asked me where I study and then when I answered them they said wow again. Sandeul asked CNU Hyung you have a friend who studies at SNU? Daebak. (FYI: SNU is known as the best university in Korea)
Second (long) encounter
        Most encounters I have with them are just hellos and byes or depending on the event I don't even get a chance to greet them since as a reporter I just go to the event to take pictures. But the other week I was able to talk to them again. I didn't interview them so the encounter was in a more relaxed environment. Talked to CNU again. He was like this "Oh! How are you? It has been a long time." He asked how's his friend doing at school. He said he also wanted to meet his friend if he could find some time.  We also talked about the I Need a Fairy sitcom where he was part of. CNU is actually very polite in person. When I asked him why he got thinner he said he got sick and busy for their comeback.

   Gongchan in the washroom? If you're a female reporter then probably you'll not have this experience. hehe. The first time I met the group I don't know but every time I go to the washroom Gongchan was also there or I got in the washroom first and he also gets in after few seconds. Since it happened many times I think the last time it happened we just laughed inside the washroom. Then the other week, strangely it happened again. hahaha. We talk for a bit after that. The faucet inside wasn't working at that time so we were trying to figure out to make it work. Gongchan is actually very quiet even backstage. He just sits in the corner but sometimes his funny side comes out like the one you saw in the article about him imitating G-Dragon and role playing as a bartender.

   I uploaded a video of Baro speaking English before so I told him about it. He just laughed. Then I told him about his English lines in the new song. He laughed again and said he needs to practice more. Sandeul on the other hand I guess is the funniest member. He's close to all the staff at the set and he's an aegyo boy, making everyone inside the studio smile and laugh every time he greets.
     By the way CNU practices these lines all the time 오늘 하루만 그댈 속일게.... 오늘이 지나면 돌아갈게...." backstage. Sometimes he will just sing those lines out of the blue. In the case if Jinyoung, we talked a lot the first time we met but when I saw them the other week I wasn't able to. And to be honest I have nothing to ask him. So if you're reading this, maybe you could put some questions below and I'll ask him next time we meet. hehe Anyway so that's it for now. I don't know which celebrity I'll feature next time I find time kkk


  1. Gongchan is extremely cute hot and yummy! I wish I could see him too when I visit there next month!

  2. maybe you could ask jinyoung about his song writing/production :D

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    1. hmmm I'm not sure if I could do this but I'll try to show your message to him. and I'll post his reply here too ^^

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  4. Can you tell Jinyoung he has many nuna fans in London ^^ Thanks

  5. can you ask jinyoung to stop being so gorgeous

  6. i want to know that Are another member has desire to act in drama just like CNU? and please tell them to come to indonesia since they have a lot fans here