Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival

Here's another chance to visit Korea for free and mingle with your K-Pop idols! Now on its second year, the biggest cover dance festival in the world is again open for applications! Yep this is the biggest for many reasons. I was able to witness the first season of this competition as part of the press last year and it was indeed a meaningful experience. It was my first exposure backstage with K-Pop celebrities and that was the time I realize that more and more people outside Korea get interested in this "genre" of music.

The boys you're seeing in the main poster are from Russia who covered B2ST's "Shock" in last year's competition. They grabbed the gold and honestly their performance was awesome. 

Why join the contest?
If you love dancing and you've already been doing K-Pop cover dance for some time now this is the perfect timing you've been waiting for. The prizes are just overwhelming.

Experience Korea. 
You can come to Korea for free! Yep everything! And you will be staying in a very nice hotel (star). Last year they stayed at Gyeongju Hilton (where I also stayed yay!). Before the competition proper you will arrive days earlier for because there are other activities schedules for you. You will feel like a star.

Meet your favorite K-Pop stars!
Yep! Last year before the competition proper, the finalists met Sistar, Boyfriend and K-Will. They even had some sort of session with K-Will. Then during the competition itself they were joined by many many groups on stage like Girls' Generation, T-Ara, B2ST, B1A4, Rania, Chocolat, Sistar, 4Minute, MBLAQ and more! Look at the picture above. The ones at the back are idol groups and contestants! Many of the contestants were able to dance their cover with the original idol groups themselves. If you want that to happen then you should definitely join the contest! I took some pictures through my phone at that time so it's not that clear but anyway here are some pics. I was able to interview Lee Joon of MBLAQ, YB, Rania and Chocolat at that time. And also talked to B2ST Kigwang and Dongwoon inside the washroom hahahaha.  

By the way, the winning group also performed during the Hallyu Dream Concert itself just like real K-Pop stars together with other idol groups. It was watched by thousands of fans and visitors inside Gyeongju stadium and was also aired on TV. Visit the official website for detailed instructions! HERE


  1. Oh I wish I could dance. I'm so jealous with all those fans who performed on stage!

  2. Oh my God! Kigwang and Dongwoon inside the washroom? Not anywhere but washroom! OMG! hahahaha

  3. is that Lee Joon? hahaha he saw you taking a pic LOL