Wednesday, May 23, 2012

K-Pop Concerts at the Yeosu Expo

Probably Korea's most popular destination this year, YEOSU Expo, gives you one more reason why visiting the place is a must...K-Pop Concerts ^^ There are scheduled K-Pop concerts from May to August.

Actually even before the expo was officially opened there were many concerts or K-Pop related events already being held in the area. Anyway so during the pre-opening of the expo, IU graced the event together with the President himself, Lee Myung Bak. FYI: IU is Yeosu Expo's honorary ambassador.

During the official first day of the expo Wondergirls, Simon D and Dynamic Duo were the ones who performed for the concert. This coming Friday is called a Big 5 concert sponsored by Hyundai. I remember the last time I went to a Big 5 concert the groups were kinda big kkkk Talking about Infinite, U-Kiss...

K-Pop Concert Schedule
Here's a schedule according to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). All concerts will be held in front of the "Big O" inside the expo and starts at 7:30pm. However, I would advise you to be there super early and reserved your seats.

Once you get a ticket for the expo you can watch the concert for free. Depending on the artist who will perform, the seats may be occupied by their superfans in a blink so if you are dying to see your favorite idols make sure you come early. Don't expect to see the stars super close too. The stage is relatively far from the audience seats so if your seats are already far, you might need binoculars too. Unless the idols would come near to the audience and shake hands with them.  

Hitting Two Birds with one stone: Expo and K-Pop
Visiting the expo for K-Pop purposes is not actually advisable. The place is relatively far from Seoul and you may have to spend a lot for transpo, entrance fee, lodging, food etc. But if you really want to go to the expo and also witness K-Pop stars at the same time then the place is perfect. Try to make your visit on the dates when your favorite stars are performing. I would personally advised you to visit on August 1 since the schedule says SBS Inkigayo. This means many K-Pop stars will go and perform on that day. Or you can also choose the other dates with many groups or dates with only your favorite groups. And since you're already inside the expo, might as well enjoy all the pavilions. Yeosu Expo is beautiful so take your time and enjoy the place too ^^



  1. Ok so I was already planning when to visit and it made me realize that I will be staying at the expo for July and August to witness all these concerts hahaha I wish I could go to all dates!