Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hanwha Aqua Planet at Yeosu Expo

Apparently, Hanwha is not just the maker of the tallest gold-cladded structure in the world, the 63 Building in Yeouido, Seoul. It's also now the proud maker of the biggest aquarium in Korea housed inside Yeosu Expo. If you are visiting Yeosu Expo, the aquarium is a must stop but make sure you reserved a ticket because it is probably the most popular spot inside the expo. The color of the building is orange signifying a very Hanwhaish color.

The Aqua Planet is a four-storey building covering 16,400 square meters and equipped with 6,000 ton main tank. It is said that it's size is two-three times larger than the existing aquariums in Seoul and Busan. I personally like these tiny fishes (see picture below) since they know how to tickle. hehe

A total of 33,000 marine animals from 280 species including some endangered animals like the Beluga whales, Baikal seals and sea dragons. It has also the famous scary piranhas. Jellyfishes area is also the favorite picture-taking spot for visitors. Plus the fishes I call Angelina Jolie Fishes which are always pouting their lips like the picture below. hahaha The 360-degree view of underwater environment is another outstanding feature of Hanwha Aqua Planet which gives you an illusion of being under water with all those beautiful marine creatures ^^


  1. Wow! So nice pictures and nice videos ^^ I really love your blog ^^

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