Sunday, April 15, 2012

Power Korean: Taehan Lee 이태한

Lunchtime and a crowd of students mostly girls are heading to this fashionable (a bit pricey) restaurant at my school called BBQ. Since the place is popular, it is common to see a long line of customers waiting outside and also looong waiting time to get your order. I was with my sunbae at that time also waiting for our order when the girls next to our table kept complaining. Apparently, they’ve waited for their order for more than 30 minutes already. They called someone but when the waiter approached them, their facial expressions changed and even the tone of their voices suddenly got a few more pitches higher. They kindly asked the waiter and when he was gone they started giggling.

The next friend I’ll be introducing in the Power Korean section of my blog is someone who gets a lot of giggles from girls. Haha.  Meet my friend Taehan Lee. Taehan was born in Gyeonggi Province but grew up in different places in Korea. He studied elementary and middle school in Changwon Province but moved to Busan when he was in high school. He graduated in 2010 at Busan Beauty High School, a vocational high school for those who want to learn fashion, hairdressing etc. 

He got interested in becoming an actor when he joined his school's model club when he was a sophomore. He was chosen to represent his school in a competition and the talent he prepared was acting. His performance got an overwhelming response from the crowd and he also got praised by the people around him so he decided to take it to the next level. When he was in third year he decided to also study acting in a separate institution and even played extra roles in many movies.

Even if he was accepted to Dongseo University for BA in Theater Arts, he was already determined to go to Seoul and pursue his dream.  His parents are very supportive but just like many aspiring actors, he’s also financially challenged. Before going to Seoul he went to Japan with his father to work there. He was able to save and after few months later he came back to Korea. He then came to Seoul with hopes of achieving his dreams. Taehan is now starting to take some small steps towards his goal, same “steps” that some of Korea’s top actors and actresses of today also took before they touched fame. Aside from being busy preparing for auditions, he is also busy doing part-time jobs, well, for obvious reasons.

Many people said he looks like the flower boy actor Lee Junki and 2AM's Jinwoon. What do you think?

I hope we could see Taehan on screen in the next few years. Please give your supports to him ^^  


  1. OMG he looks like an idol he should debut already!! so cute

  2. wow he is hot and cute ^^

  3. ok I should definitely see you on screen like!