Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Korean trainee Il Gon Kim in a German newspaper!

I wanted to feature this a long time ago but I just couldn't find time. The only Korean-German weekly broadsheet Kyopo Shinmun, featured a story of my Korean friend who is a trainee, Il Gon Kim. If you've been following my blog, I already featured his story before on Power Korean section. Please check it HERE.

After I featured him on my blog, K-Colors of Korea, a Germany based online magazine about Korea (culture, K-Pop etc.) which are in English, Korean and German languages got interested in his story so they interviewed him. Il Gon narrated his experiences as a trainee so you can check his interview HERE.

you can follow his Twitter


  1. he is sooo handsome ^^

  2. I think he should debut already! I think he would be good if he was part of the boy group Infinite kekekeke he's so handsome