Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Issue 101: Jasmine Lee, a victim of Korean Xenophobia

        Talking about double standards in Korea, there is one thing that comes to mind, xenophobia (fear of foreigners). Newly-elected lawmaker in Korea (under Saenuri Party) Jasmine Lee, a Filipina who became a naturalized Korean citizen since 1998 is said to be a victim of malicious attacks on the Internet. I have many Korean friends who are happy of her being elected and representing multiculturalism in Korea so people who are not pleased with it are the least I expected. I don't know but, as a foreigner living in Korea, I've felt how the Korean government is trying to make programs that would enrich multiculturalism in Korea but it seems that there are some people who are not supportive of it. 

Anyway, I would like to share some articles and blog entries related to it:
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Korea Herald:  Xenophobic attacks target naturalized lawmaker-elect
The Unlikely Expat: Election Season Racism!

I also have my own stories of discrimination in Korea and even in Japan and China where I also used to lived. But it didn't stop me from loving these countries. After all I've made very good friends and met nice people. I hope people would stop spreading hate. There are many things in this world to enjoy so why dig on hate when you can love ^^