Monday, April 30, 2012

Big Bang, Shinee, Daehangno?

   I went to Daehangno today to watch my friend's musical with my girlfriend. If New York has Broadway and London has West End, Seoul has  Daehangno  ^^ Even if it's a small area you can find 40 plus small theaters scattered all over the place. Since I like watching musicals, plays and any forms of performing arts Daehangno is like a paradise for me ^^ hahaha It's also a place for independent performing artists who want to showcase their talents to many people.
      Anyway, so before going to the musical, we dropped by at a Filipino restaurant (I heard it only opens on Sundays) to eat some sinigang, menudo and fried bangus ^^ (nyam nyam ^^) Then since we still had a lot of time before the musical starts, we decided to take a walk until we saw a crowd of people in one area. We just saw Shinee...'s song Sherlock being danced by a group of young Koreans.
A group of young Koreans dancing to different K-Pop songs. I took some videos through my phone. (The video quality is good in iphone but once uploaded on YouTube it got distorted a bit).

If I were as powerful as SM, YG and JYP and I could scout talents right on the spot, I already picked two. The group was quite popular especially to the young people who join the crowd since some of the members of the group have this "idolish" aura.

They performed Rain's Hip Song first with a very young lead dancer. He looked like a grade school student.  (he told me he's already 14 years old after the perf). Then Shinee's Sherlock after that Big Bang's Fantastic Baby. They also shuffled and did more dances. 

The writings on their shirts say "Dokdo is our land." After their performance the leader of the group approached me. Apparently we were co-staffs in a camp before in Incheon. He told me that he is managing the group. They call themselves Haramkum. They perform in the streets of Seoul through dances and at the same time voice out their opinions on different issues in the society like Dokdo and Unification.

I will try to interview them next time. And who knows some of them may debut as idols in the coming years so if you have questions comment them below.