Friday, March 30, 2012

Were there idol groups 600 years ago?

ibuzzkorea and Korea Tourism Organization(KTO) just came out with this "documentary" stating that there were already idol groups 600 years ago.  It says the names of the group even resemble to that of 2PM and missA! Oh by the way, 2PM and miss A are the official ambassadors of KTO too. LOL

What do you think? ^^ Here's the video ^^

You can visit ibuzzkorea too and leave your comments. It appears to be another exciting event prepared for K-Pop fans out there ^^ so make sure you visit, leave comments and enjoy! ^^


  1. Wow nice video! Looks so real and all the documents, artifacts, experts and what not. I just wish no one misunderstood it. The video is obviously for tourism purposes. Good job KTO and ibuzz!

  2. looL.
    <3 the vid.
    is JYP the one making this vid? XD