Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pizza originated in Korea?

After showing Hyunwoo형 a video made by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and ibuzzkorea regarding the 'disputed' origin of idol groups in Korea, he sent me a link of a video showing the "True Origins of Pizza." He said KTO and ibuzzkorea's video is similar to a pizza commercial. And true enough! haha ^^ Apparently, Mr.Pizza (a South Korean pizza chain) had this commercial showing the origin of pizza is indeed.....tadah Korea! But, as I mentioned, the video is an advertisement. As a media studies student, I think I've found something interesting to research. hehe And I have to say, the video is funny, brilliant and extremely creative.

You can check the KTO and ibuuzzkorea video  HERE.


  1. bwahahahahaha cool!

  2. i was looL for the Buddhist statue ...