Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make your own K-Pop Easter eggs and win prizes!

Just read this interesting event by K-Colors perfect for the Easter Sunday and for K-Pop fans! It's very easy to enter so make sure you join ^^
K-Pop Easter / K-Pop Ostern 
Period: March 3 - April 3

Prizes: Block B – New Kids on the Block, MBLAQ – Mona Lisa, 4Minute – Huh, Mary Stayed Out All Night (Ost), SM The Ballad, Kara – Revolution2 

What to do: Create Kpop Easter eggs! There are no limits to your creativity. You guys can paint them, paste up with something, arrange it nicely whatever comes to your mind. The most important thing is that we can still recognize that it’s an Easter egg. When you are done just send a picture of your piece.
Among all pictures which have been sent in we will choose our top 3- you will be notified around April 15 and you will be able to choose your prize (starting from 1st place). The winners for the remaining 3 CDs will be drawn from the rest of the entries.
Your pictures will be published in our issue in April as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Who knows who will be able to see them?
For all those who do not have a clue how this is supposed to look like we uploaded two pictures (does not have to look like the pictures- these are just examples)

Summary: Create your easter egg, send in 1-3 pictures, win a CD

You are allowed to send in more than just one design but no more than 3.

All entries should be sent to: redaktion@k-magazin.com (Keyword “K-pop Ostern”)