Sunday, February 5, 2012

Korean Slang: Umchina 엄친아

If you are familiar with the Korean celebrities Lee Seung Gi and Song Joong Ki then you are probably aware of the Korean slang "umchina."

"Umchina," a combination of the three Korean words: 엄(eom/um) for 엄마(mother), 친(chin) for (친구) friend and 아 for son (아들).

Literally it means son of mother's friend and means mother's friend's son who is good at "everything."

Why umchina?

Mothers in Korea usually like to compare their child with other children associating them with the mothers. They usually tell their sons with these lines "The son of my friend is a perfect boy so you should be like him?"  or "Do you know Mrs.Kim's son? He's a very good boy! He's good at this at that....!"
But in reality, they just want their own sons to do well and be more competitive. Regardless whether the other mothers' sons are really good boys or not. Many Koreans, especially the ones updated with the "modern" society know this term. If someone tells you that you are an "umchina" then you are being praised. Basically a perfect man "엄친아." Usually the appearance is not part but from what I know they do include it. haha.

When it comes to girls, you can call them umchinttal "엄친딸" (a daughter of mother's friend). 


  1. hehe thank you. this is cute ^^

  2. They should use the word 여친남 for the boyfriends of your girlfriend's friends, who are also supposedly "perfect" and someone you should be more like! lol


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