Sunday, January 15, 2012

ZE:A 2012 Calendar

To celebrate ZE:A's 2nd anniversary, you can now enjoy January to December of 2012 with ZE:A too! Here's an announcement from their Daum cafe.

Hello, Everyone!

We are happy to announce the release of ZE:A’s 2012 Official Calendar.

For those who want to buy the ZE:A 2012 Official Calendar; please read this announcement carefully.

First of all, we cannot ship the 2012 Official Calendar individually.
Shipping costs too much. This is why we had to set the minimum order quantity; 20.

Therefore, you have to gather other fans in your region.
(Or you can ask the biggest fan site/forum in your country to gather fans!)
Also, there has been slight change in the price.
A Calendar costs USD 25 (Twenty-five US dollar), including a Calendar itself, bank charge in Korea, tax, and packing fees.

For example, if you and your friends want 20 Calendars, you have to pay USD 500 and extra for shipping.
We will let you know how much it costs to ship to your region.

Below, I will explain the process of ordering.

The first step of ordering is SENDING AN ORDER MAIL to

(AN email from the one group; it doesn't have to be one group in a country,

as long as your total order quantity exceeds 20.)
When we receive your order, we will calculate the shipping costs and let you know with payment method, our bank account information.

Then you can deposit total costs to the account written in the reply mail.
(We do not use Paypal account, so please do not ask to use it.)

Source: ZE:A Daum Cafe

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  1. Yey^^ I'm getting one definitely!