Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Star Date with ZE:A in Brazil

Last December 26th, 2011, Arirang TV had a production conference for the variety program “Star Date with ZE:A in Brazil,” where two members, Kevin and Dongjun, will be going on a date with two Brazilian K-Pop fans. 

The program is a cultural exchange between the two countries, wherein two select Brazilian fans will take Kevin and Dongjun to different local attractions while introducing to them Brazil’s food, culture, tradition etc. Kevin and Dongjun on the other hand will be acting as Korean ambassadors by promoting Korea too. Dongjun has been studying English as a preparation for the said program.

If you want to be the lucky date click this Star Date with ZE:A in Brazil for guidelines. The deadline is 6pm on January 10th so hurry up! Here's a video. Anyway, I might meet Dongjun this Thursday for Dream Team so I'll try to talk to him in English hehe

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