Monday, January 2, 2012

MCountdown Live Streaming....and Fab Giveaways?

MCountdown really knows how to pamper fans especially fans from abroad! It's going more global and you can watch the show LIVE through your computers, laptop,notebook,netbook, smartphones etc! 

Yes! There will be a LIVE streaming starting Jan. 5th 6pm (Korea time) on

This Thursday, Jan.5th, make sure you don't miss T-Ara and Teen Top's come-back stages, triple crown Trouble Maker's special dance stage and more only on MCountdown! (Full line-up will be announced by Wednesday, Jan.4th)
Wait! There's more! Since it's New Year and the Opening of this fabulous Event! There are big big prizes install for you! Just click the pictures below for the details or visit Global Mnet
There's one more! Capture the moment of Mcountdown! Complete your mission before you get more of Mcountdown fun!

Step 1: Capture the most breathtaking moment of the Top Song Nominee Performances during the event period

Step 2: Send the image to

Step 3: Remember to capture Mnet's pink search box in your shot!

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