Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Free Ski Camp for International Students from Asian Countries

Just read an announcement from Kinsa.org about a Free Ski Camp for International Students coming from Asian countries! Before skiing you can visit the Blue House and you will also visit the famous Nami Island!!! Check it out
When : 2012. 2. 8 ~ 10
Where : Daemyung Ski Resort
Participation Fee : FREE
International Students from Asian Countries can participate to this Camp. BUT!! Participants have to invite their parents.
Korea Ski Resort Business Association will support 300,000won per 1 person for this!! If you want to join this camp, send e-mail(koreakinsa@gmail.com) with your information by January 12th.
-Name :
-Nationality :
-Sex :
-Passport No. :
-Date of Birth :
-Phone No. :
-E-mail address :
*you should give your parents (Father or Mother)' information.

Take a look at the schedule
And if there are not many participants who can join with their parents, other students can join. So if you send your information, we will let you know whether you can join or not.


  1. Do you have the same program next year? This is such a rush notice :( It's too soon already T_T

    1. Hi! There are many programs for foreigners. I post most of it.hehe