Friday, January 6, 2012

B1A4's Guerrilla Performance in Hongdae

B1A4 had a guerrilla performance in Hongdae last Jan. 4th. It will be shown today on Mnet Wide Entertainment News at 5pm.

Please watch the video and you'll see how powerful the group is! They were able to gather hundreds of fans in a short span of time not to mention the freezing weather that time. Warning: be prepared for the scream and shouts!

Bad thing was their guerrilla performance caused some traffic but it made many fans happy!

They performed Beautiful Target and OK. And also made all the fans sang the songs for them because the sound wasn't audible. 

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  1. mnet live streaming link plz......

  2. Hi! I'm really sorry but I'm not sure if there is a live streaming for Mnet Wide. If there's none, then probably you'll have to wait for the uploads on YouTube.