Friday, December 30, 2011

ZE:A Turns Into A Girl Group?

Boy groups really know how to make K-Pop fans go crazy when they do a dance cover of girl groups' songs. Wonder Boys is a very good example for this. Depending on which version of Wonder Boys you think is good there will always be fans screaming for it!

Boy group ZE:A also did some of these during their first party concert, Na:Num, last Dec. 26th. They danced Kara's Mister and Step, Wonder Girls Be My Baby, 2NE1's I am the
Best and Rania's Doctor Feel good. The fans were screaming non-stop.

They were really really good especially Dongjun and Kevin. I think Kevin was probably the best in dancing Kara's Step. He got the swag. hahaha. And I think their Rania Doctor Feel Good version was the coolest performance they did that evening. hahaha. They were all synchronized plus facial expressions. I have videos but I can't upload it for copyright purposes. Please get DVD copies instead.

Yep. They announced that DVDs will be sold so you can see the whole dance and what happened in the party concert. Make sure you get your copy!


  1. is that abs I'm seeing! OMG Dongjun!

  2. I want the DVD!!! ^^ Thanks for the pics I'm excited

  3. I want see the DVD!! !!
    Waaaa~ Sexyes ZE:A! Hell Yeah!♥

  4. wow! I clicked the pictures! the enlarged version is very pleasant to my eyes!!! and just stared at it for a long time! hotness!!!

  5. Im glad you enjoyed the party^^ i was great! I know fans werent allowed to record it....but since you are keeping to yourself only it would be fine.

  6. I wanna see Kevin! ^^

  7. did they say something about dvd release date?

    1. I thought it was already released... I'll try to ask

  8. love it!!!! i want to see the DVD!!!!