Friday, December 9, 2011

Your Boyfriends Volume 2 (Album Teaser)

Miguel's Amateur Photography is launching another volume of the "Your Boyfriends" album. The first volume received an overwhelming response from many followers.Thank you!

The concept of the "Your Boyfriends" album is to be a collection of photos of an "ideal" boyfriend. Through pictures, the photographer hopes to convey different auras of men that any girl would want to call her own boyfriend. The models in the album are friends of the photographer. They are not professional models. The photographer himself does not consider himself a professional photographer but a student. He is currently studying photography and this album is one of the tasks that his mentor assigned to him.

Here's a teaser of the 2nd volume

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Written by: Jessica Lee (Guest Writer)


  1. OMG!!! Hotness and cuteness! I like the last one ^^ He's my boyfriend! Wait I also like the third one too! Ok both of them...but hmm I like the first and second and....!!! all of them!!!

  2. the third one is my boyfriend!