Saturday, December 10, 2011

Power Korean: Hong Geun Kim (김홍근)

One amazing thing I find in Korea is its flourishing performing arts industry. More and more young Koreans venture into this field and most of them can be found in Daehangno, Korea’s very own performing arts district. The next friend I will be introducing is not just a play actor but a leader in making numerous productions providing young actor wannabes a chance to showcase their talents and start a step towards their dreams. 

Hong Geun Kim was born and raised in Seoul. He attended Dongbuk High School and currently taking Theater Arts and Film Studies at Dongguk University. 

He got interested in acting when he was in his senior year in high school. He was a member of the school’s elite theater arts club, which is well-known for bagging top prizes in many competitions in the country. That was the first time he got exposed to theater. He said he already knew something about plays and musicals but his understanding was different. However, when he started to engage himself more into theater, he said that he also found happiness that he never experience in another "world."

Hong Geun started his professional career in acting in 2007 and has been very active up to the present. Some of the plays he starred in are Love, Die or Live?, The Great God Brown, Prisoner’s Body Talk, Speak Chandra and many many more. He is also well-known in many theater arts festival conducted in many parts of the country. Last 2008, he was awarded Best Actor in the Korea Drama Festival. He has also numerous appearances in short films, dramas and movies. He appeared on Secret Garden, Iris and the movie My Way.  

Hong Geun is not just into acting. He also started a production group with his friend from the university. They established the team called Performing Arts Production Bisang (PAPB) in 2007. He got the idea of forming his own production after gaining experiences from previous plays he did. He said he wanted to make his production a venue and a gathering of young and talented individuals who shares the same passion with them. Ever since its establishment, the production is still very active in making plays at the small theaters in Daehangno. 
Plays that are not commercial but created by people who are really into theater. 

Future Plans
Aside from the plays in Daehangno, expect to see him more in many dramas and movies too. He just signed a contract with a management agency this year. 

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