Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Part 2 of EBS Prime Docu

A friend posted the second part of the EBS Prime Docu I posted here on my blog few days ago. Please watch it. Apparently, there were some Koreans who helped Gunawan. The first one even took him to the bus station and told him which bus to get on and where to get off.The second one on the other hand didn't know how so she asked some people around to help Gunawan find his way to COEX. Luckily a young woman helped them find it.
Some comments I got from readers , as also mentioned on the previous post, are Gunawan's way of asking for the directions and that it's not only in a case Korea. Gunawan asked people if they can speak English. A reader said it is better to tell right away the keywords like in this case COEX Mall. Asking them to speak in English may be a bit demanding or shocking since you are the one asking for a favor. 

As a foreigner here in Korea, I've already experienced both. And I also experienced it when I lived in Japan and even in US. Even when I was traveling in Europe and Southeast Asia. It happens anywhere. Maybe it depends on your approach or whether it's your lucky day or not for asking the wrong person. 

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