Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mnet Global Supporter Recruitment ^^

Hi! This is your chance to be part of Mnet family! Join the Mnet Global Supporter (MGS)!

As part of the first batch, it is an honor to invite new recruits for next year's MGS!

If you enjoy K-Pop and you want to see many stars in person or even mingle with them,then this is a perfect group for you! You can watch M Countdown live, MUST, Superstar K and more shows. You can also get a lot of freebies

If you're a foreigner living in Korea then this is your chance. You just need to be active in many SNSs like Facebook, Twitter, blogging and more! 
Hurry up! Application is until January 20th.  
Apply now!
For more information visit 


  1. I wish I'm in Korea.

  2. Wow! How can I get accepted? please teach me

  3. Woaw like it! But unluckily I'm not in Korea...
    Don't you have any activities or recruitment that need foreigners that not stay in Korea?Like Malaysia Singapore...hopefully there are some....coz hopefully I get job after I graduate.

  4. Strong wyn blow: Unfortunately not this one. You'll have to be in Korea. But there are also other activities like blogging, it's called World Korea Bloggers. Try to apply but the deadline is tomorrow 25th. Check this one