Friday, December 16, 2011

Korean Celebrities with the Angels (Cho Seihon's "Letters From Angels")

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another” (Lucretius)

Now on its 9th year, one of Korea's most respected photographers, Cho Seihon is having his annual photo exhibit called "Letters From Angels" at Insa Arts Center. The exhibit started last Dec.14th and will last until 19th, so, if you are in Seoul please visit!

What's so Special?
This time, it's not the Korean celebrities who are special. In this exhibit, the babies are the stars ^^ If you look at the pictures, you would never think that these babies were abandoned by their parents. It was negative 6.5 degrees cold outside but when I look at the babies I felt warmth and love. They're truly angels.

The Photographer- Cho Seihon
As a portrait photographer, Cho gets inspiration from his interactions with different people in his everyday life. In his recent interview with K Colors of Korea, an online magazine based in Germany, he said that he has always been interested in social groups that are considered to be "disadvantaged" like the adoptees, people with disabilities, and multicultural families in Korea.

"눈빛 "Letters From Angels
This exhibit is a campaign to help these abandoned babies find their new families and homes. In the same interview he mentioned that he felt so happy to see the babies he photographed before, now living happily. 
 "The most memorable thing was a child amputee whose new family had provided him with prosthetic legs and is now running and playing soccer with his friends.
I'm so happy for him and it made me think what would he be doing now if he hadn't met his new family."

If you read the quote I put at the beginning of this entry, we could think of it like this. These babies have only one wing with them, they need families and homes that could embrace and let them fly and see the world. I hope that this exhibit would drive more loving families to adopt these babies. And personally, I hope I could also put exhibits like this in the future. I have very close friends in Korea who are Korean adoptees and because of them I get to realize many things about life, our society etc.

If you have time please visit! You can also give some donation. In exchange for a small amount you can get a poster of your favorite celebrity carrying a cute little angel. I have 10 posters, Tiffany, Nikhun, B2ST, CN Blue, 2NE1, Lee Min Ho etc. with me right now. haha

1. Exit 6 of Anguk Station
2. Go straight and take the first left turn. It should take you to the main street in Insadong.
3. Then walk straight again until you see Insa Arts Center, then go to 2nd floor.

For Cho Seihon's interview visit K- Colors of Korea
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  1. I wanna go too! It's so nice ^^

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  3. dear.. how can someone abandon such beautiful angels. Great work by the korean celebrities