Thursday, December 1, 2011

Backstage: MyName and BoM

Hopefully I will have more entries regarding my short conversations with some K-Pop idols. The first one was with missA and 2PM*. This time, since I spent the whole day at Hwaseong  last November 27th for the filming of Dream Team, I was able to converse with many of them, mostly rookie groups this year.

If you watch Dream Team, you know that my friend Jaemin Park** is part of the show so I kinda owe him the 'backstage' experience. haha. Sharing the space (washroom, dressing room, waiting area etc.) with them would make you feel that they're humans after all. haha

I will just highlight and summarize it. Let's start with MyName and BoM

Situation: I was with the staff, the Dream Team production and some celebrity managers and personal assistants.  As a greeting and sign of courtesy everyone shares a lot of 'bows' backstage, especially the celebrities. During the filming we just sit in a sort of waiting area where celebrities also sit if they're on a break.

Seyong (MyName)- He greeted and smiled at me with a confused look. He then asked me "Do you recognize me?" At the back of my mind, well who's not gonna recognize you, you're the only one with red hair here. haha. I said of course you have many fans abroad, MyName is very popular. He was really happy to hear what I said as he kept smiling. He told me even Koreans don't know them yet. So I told him about how non-Korean fans share their thoughts, stories and support to his group, MyName through FB's fan pages. Many fans from abroad really know a lot about them. Well, if I just had more time I would have shown them the FB pages I know. Seyong was also with Gunwoo that day but I was not able to talk to him although we took pictures together. hehe

Sechang and Tagoon (BoM, Blooming of Our Music)- that time Sechang just did a cover dance of Be My Baby of Wonder Girls, so when I saw him I said he did great. He was kinda embarrassed but thankful. Then I asked him when will his group BoM do their comeback.  He said they just did their comeback last on MCountdown. I was a bit embarrassed since I didn't know. hahaha But he was very kind and even said it's fine He told me that not many foreigners know them yet. But he said they have many fans in Malaysia. Well, I really do hope they'll get more and more fans. They have good voices and really kind. I was also able to talk to Tagoon.

He did not join the filming of Dream Team but went there to support Sechang and Yua, so he was like one of the staff. Since I didn't know that much about BoM, I did not know that he's part of the group too. Haha But many fans were calling him so I was already 'suspicious.' All the time he was just sitting beside  me and together with Yua and Sechang they did a lot of fan service, like a lot. haha I also googled BoM and showed some pics to Tagoon. He said "yes it's us" and laughed.

I will have another entry for Block B and NSonic. In case you don't know MyName and BoM yet please watch these videos.

BoM (비오엠) - 니가 없이 / Without You

MyName (마이네임) Message


  1. OMG you're so lucky! My Seyong!!!

  2. Is that you in the first picture between Gunwoo and Seyong? lol

  3. I think I'm gonna like BOM and MYNAME! They're all hotties!

  4. Seyong is flaming in redness and cutenss here! Sechang is also very cute! Cuteness overload!! omo!