Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beesket: Naturally Expressive Juices

Located nearby Cheongye stream, Beesket is one of the places that will surely amaze your taste buds and excitement when you visit Seoul!

Bee +Basket= Beesket
         The name Beesket is a combination of the words bee and basket. So why combine these words in the first place?   
Making Your Own Menu
Whenever you visit coffee shops, sometimes you don't have certain drinks in your mind. You spend some time reading the menu and there are times when you wanted several flavors for your drinks too. So, why not create your own drink? 
The moment you get in to this store, you will be given a bee shaped small basket and you put the fruit or vegetable flavors you want for your drinks. Now you can also customize your own drink! .
 A Form of Expression
Giving you the freedom to choose which flavor you want for your drinks is metaphorically a form of freedom of expression. Hahaha. This is something that you never really enjoyed before but now it's more than possible.
The slogan of the store, “Naturally Expressive Juices,” aside from being a form of expression, it also explains that everything they serve is natural. Surely a mixture of fruits and vegetables in your drink will keep the doctor away! On the other hand, my girlfriend personally likes the cute design of the store. When you visit, try to observe the drawings on the wall. It has an amazing story.  
The store serves different drinks like smoothie, ade, yogurt, juice and coffee. It also serves , sandwiches, salad and really tasty and healthy cookies

-It's beside Cheongyecheon. It's across Mirae Asset's very big glass building.
-You can also take Euljiru Ipgu Station exit 3.

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