Friday, December 9, 2011

B1A4 Short Interview at Hallyu Week Concert

As requested by some of my readers, here's another B1A4 load for you! hehe

After performing in Malaysia for MOA Live, B1A4 rushed back to Korea for another performance at Yongpyong Dome, Pyeongchang in Gangwon for the Hallyu Week Concert. After performing their epic hit song Beautiful Target there was a short interview conducted by the emcee, Sohee (if I heard her name right)

Sohee praised B1A4 for being able to capture the hearts of many fans in Korea and abroad. She also mentioned that before coming to the concert she received a lot of messages from B1A4 fans. Then she asked the group what B1A4 stands for

Why B1A4?
I know that everyone is already aware but let me tell you what happened during the interview. So Jinyoung answered and said that it’s based on the blood types of the members, B is for Baro and A for the other four members, Jinyoung, Gongchan, Sandeul and CNU so B1A4. Then Sohee smiled a lot and said she’s also type B.

FYI: There is a famous movie in Korea entitled B형 남자 or Type B Man. Most of my friends would be 'proud' to say that they’re Type B especially if they wanna project a 'cool' aura to girls. Sometimes I just wanna be Type B too. Haha. Unlike in other countries blood types in Korea just like Japan are considered ‘indicators’ of personality. Of course not everyone believes in it.   

Awkward Moment
Anyway, back to the topic, so after Sohee said that she is also Type B the awkward moment happened. Baro tried to reach her for a high five but she was kinda busy emceeing so she didn’t see Baro gesturing the high five. So Baro ended up doing with Sandeul. hahaha Cracking up the crowd. (Check 1:34)

Sprout Dance
Then they were asked about their very own sprout dance. If you happen to be not aware of this dance, it’s the dance step that B1A4 is popular for. They performed it many times in TV programs, fan meetings etc. It even has a lot of “cover dance” from fans all over the world! Then Sohee asked them whose idea was it. Baro proudly answered that it was his idea.

More Praises
So more praises came in from Sohee. She praised Baro and said Type B people are very talented and attractive. Knowing that she’s also Type B. They were also praised for selling out their showcase tickets in Japan in one minute and for having a cola commercial in Thailand just months after their debut. 

The group made an ‘official’ promise to their fans that they will practice harder for their next comeback.  So expect a huge surprise from them!


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