Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seoul Delights: Lantern Festival 2011

As part of my yearly tradition in Korea, I try to visit Cheonggyecheon to witness the annual Lantern Festival which is usually celebrated during this season. This year it will be from November 4th to 20th.

I happen to be in the area last week so I dropped by. Lucky enough that was the first day of the festival and it was also a weekday so I was able to take relatively good pictures and enjoy the area because there were few people. 

Indeed it was very romantic. The weather was not so chilly compared to the last two years so some couples and families sat down along the banks and enjoyed the ambiance of the stream with lanterns floating.

I think this year’s festival is very special.

From the starting point, the lantern of the iconic Haechi of Seoul will greet you then as you proceed, you will be taken to the magical world of lights. From Korea’s mythological characters, palace, royal guards, kings and queens to Korea’s very own intangible culture like games, dances, music and more.  Don't wanna ruin the element of surprise here so just see it for yourself!

You can go alone and take pictures of the lanterns but you might get tired easily. The stream is quite long if you want to finish it. So my suggestion is to bring friends with you, if you can’t find a date. hehe It would really look nice on picture. And for couples, I think it’s also best to stroll and experience a romantic evening in Cheonggyecheon.  

When you get tired, I recommend you to visit a store called Beesket just right beside Cheonggyecheon. The store has a very creative system of buying/purchasing drinks. Try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.hehe 

I suggest you visit the festival as soon as possible and probably on a weekday. If you go on the last day, the number of people is unimaginable, unless you would like to stand in a line just to get in Cheonggyecheon.

Line No. 6 Gwanghwamun Station Exit 5 
Line No. 2 City Hall Station Exit 5 (10 minute walk)
Line No. 2 Eulijiro Ipgu Station (10 minute walk: different starting point) 


  1. nice pictures! Love it!

  2. I also went there yesterday ^^ My pictures aren't as good as yours hahahahaha!love your pictures ^^