Sunday, November 20, 2011

Power Korean: Kyungjin Kim 김경진

 In Korea, everybody’s talking about well-being, diet, six-pack and being fit. The next friend I will be introducing is a perfect icon for this.   

     Kyungjin Kim was born and raised in Seoul. He graduated in 2001 at the high school attached to the College of Education of Korea University. He is currently taking Physical Education at Chung Ang University Extension.

    One would wonder where he got such mould for his figure. Well there's no secret. It didn't happen in one night. It's a fruit of his perseverance and continuous training since he was younger. He was fat when he was 16 years old so his mom told him to exercise. He never knew that moment was the start of his journey to the fitness and health world. Until now, Kyungjin is pursuing a career in this sector, making him one of the leading personalities in this field despite his young age here in Korea

Trainer and Model 

He is currently a freelance personal trainer to some of Korea’s biggest stars. As I’ve said he did not land to this kind of status in an instant. When he was 18, he already started working part time as a trainer in a health club in his neighborhood. He continuously worked as a freelance trainer then served military. After that he worked as a trainer again, that time at Body Star Fitness Club where he worked for quite a long time and established networks with people in the same field.

He is a favorite model for different sports and health related events. He also modeled for different fashion and home shopping portals and has done numerous magazine photoshoots. Despite these experiences he thinks fitness modeling in Korea is not yet fully developed as compared to US. People often confused it with bodybuilding.


People may think that he is a bodybuilder but he try not to consider himself as one. He said he has many close friends who are literally bigger and trained bodybuilders. However, in 2009, his friends persuaded him to join Mr. Seoul, an annual bodybuilding competition and won 5th place. He said it was worth trying at least once. Before that, in 2008, he also joined Men's Health Cool Guy Contest.

     January 2010, Kyungjin experienced one of the most tragic points in his life. He stayed in the hospital for 2 months because of a car accident. Although he tried to work again at the fitness club, he decided to quit and just give himself more time. So he was able to rest, exercise and enjoy for few more months. For him it was a now or never decision because he thought he would have to face  new challenges and a new start after that.
Then an opportunity knocked on his door. September 2010, he decided to join Muscle Mania, one of the most prestigious competitions in bodybuilding and sports modeling world. After grabbing the title in Korea he was sent to Las Vegas for the World Muscle Mania in November of the same year. Obviously his hard work paved way. Aside from winning 2nd runner up he made history as the first Asian to bagged an award.


He is currently working as the director of Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s health programs. He has his own sort of diet camps to different groups of people. He also plans to make his own company in the future, which will also deal with health related programs. He will also launch an internet shopping business under the brand name Brownstar this year, which would sell sportswear and undergarments for men. Kyungjin has also been guesting in many TV shows as a personal trainer. Some of these are SBS' Star King and KBS2's Survival Diet and he continuously get more invitations.

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