Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Power Korean: Hansol Yu 유한솔

   Dance is an expression of our thoughts and creativity in strings of movements, which could be socially relevant or could just be our mere personal conception of what we think, see and feel. The next friend I will introduce is gifted dancer and choreographer who enjoys life through dance more than anything else.

   Hansol Yu was born in Cheonan but grew up in a nearby city, Daejeon. He also lived in Canada for few years when he was a kid. He graduated at Daejeon Arts High School in 2006. He then took B.F.A. in Dance Choreography at Korea National University of Arts and graduated in 2010.

Why Dance?
    Growing up in a family of educators, Han Sol said that his future career was sort of already decided. It’s either he take the ‘academic’ path or take the arts. When he was in middle school, he originally wanted fine arts but he felt that his body got weaker so he decided to do something that would make his body move. So in high school dance became his major. Being in an arts high school he was able to focus on the kind of dance he wanted to pursue, which was contemporary dance. He trained hard and was chosen to represent the school in many competitions.

Even at his young age, he already bagged prestigious awards from different national competitions. He won 3 gold medals for Chung Ang University and Daejeon University’s Dance Concords, 2nd year (2) 3rd year (1). He also bagged 2 silver medals (2nd and 3rd year) at the Sungkyungkwan University Dance Concorde.

    His first professional performance was in high school, the Britain's Royal Ballet Dance. He considers it as one of the most important junctions in his life. He learned a lot about how foreign artists work because that was his first exposure to another culture. In college he started performing and choreographing different production numbers. To mention some, he had a solo performance entitled About the Bug (
벌레에 대하여) in Baguio City, Philippines during the Delphic Games in 2007. In 2008, he had a guerilla performance themed museum attack at Paek Nam Jun Arts Center where he danced using a vacuum cleaner. The director said he should make it more shocking so the next time he performed he was butt naked. haha. Then in 2009, he was busy with his graduation production, which was a unique piece. He named it Peace. In 2010, he won a grant from the CJ Young Festival where he danced and choreographed Shimcheong Sonata(심청소나타) together with 40 dancers and musicians

European Experience
   He was sent to France for a month to represent Korea under the Korea-France Diplomatic Collaboration where he performed in many festivals. During that time he was able to travel to different parts of Europe. Then in 2011, he was invited to perform in the Marakesh Festival in Morocco. He went to France again for more performances in 5 festivals and then Austria for the Graz Festival.

Hansol plans to continue his studies in graduate school next year. He also just had another dance production during the Hanmadang Festival last month in Gwacheon and different parts of Seoul. This is a short video of a dance he choreographed.

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