Monday, November 28, 2011

MLive MOA Malaysia Concert Ticket Giveaway!

If you are in Malaysia this 3rd of December and you wanna see 
Super Junior, missA, f(x) and B1A4 in person and for FREE! 
Hurry up and join the Seoul Metropolitan Government's MLive MOA ticket giveaway! 
 Click this link and leave your message!
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Super Junior Inviting you to watch!

For more information please visit:
Ticket Sales:


  1. Thank you so much for the info! :)

  2. how can i buy a ticket..i dont have any mastercard or visa...i really want to go...please...can you help me???

  3. Hi the winners were already announced. Please check

    wAniEy91: I'm sorry but I'm not really sure. Maybe you can check ticket pro's FB page and ask them how you can avail tickets

  4. HI...anyone want interesting with the ticket in VIP row. pls kindly contact me. 0143488653

    i have 2 ticket worth RM 258 per ticket. need to sell it urgently with special price.

  5. need 1 ticket.. prefer rock zone.. contack me 0125992438

  6. I hope you guys had fun ^^ would be nice if you could tell us links of videos or pics you took during the concert.