Friday, November 25, 2011

Look Alike Korean Celebrities Part 2

Yay! This is the second part of Look Alike Korean Celebrities. One of our readers, Juliet Mitra from Indonesia sent these
When I first saw these pictures it was kinda hard to decipher which one's which. I mean just looking at the pictures I couldn't tell whether they are two different people or not. What do you think? Let's see how Juliet did her sort of "analysis' ^^
The first picture is Jeon Hyosung of Secret and Jung Eunji of A-Pink. Notice how they smile. ^^

Next one is Hyuna of 4Minute and AnnJ of C-Real. I've seen them many times in person and they don't really look similar but I admit, on TV they have striking similarities. Both have powerful aegyos hehe.

This one is kinda hard. I thought it's only one person,Gna. Good thing, the sender put on her e-mail the names. ^^; The other girl is JN, a member of a rookie girl group called New F.O.

The last picture is Seohyun of Girls' Generation and Park Chorong of A Pink.  Well, I have nothing to say they look
 similar to me. And both cute ^^ haha

Thank you Ms. Juliet Mitra for sending these pictures. I think you're a good observant and very updated.^^

Please share your thoughts and you can also send your own Look Alike analysis through pictures to

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