Sunday, November 13, 2011

Look Alike Korean Celebrities Part 1

My friend Mina came to Korea as an exchange student. She's really into K-Pop so I've already given her tickets and invitations to different concerts and fan signing events. hehe.
To my surprise she sent me these pics earlier. She thinks it's a good topic for my blog.  

So when I saw it I laughed and realized how they really look similar. If I just don't know them I would have thought that they're twins, brothers or the same person!
Sandeul of B1A4 found his two hyeungs/형 (older brothers) Sungmin of Super Junior and Song Jong Ki.

Another B1A4 member Gongchan, also found his hyeung, Hyunwoo. Kevin of U-Kiss and Chunji of Teen Top looks really similar too. Also, Jeongmin of Boyfriend and his sunbae (선배) Onew of Shinee resemble a lot.  

I guess I'll be featuring more of these next time. ^^ 

To my readers if you also wanna share pictures of your favorite stars who look similar please send it to
I'll be happy to feature it here ^^


  1. Jinyoung looks like Joo Jihoon/Jung Ilwoo/Lee Joon. I think there's a lot of celebs that look alike~ Give me tickets and passes too kuya!! Hehe :)

  2. OMG! Nice one!
    Gongchan and Hyunwoo are like younger and older versions ^^
    Seriously Jeongmin and Onew look really similar too in those pictures. hahaha

  3. Kevin and Chunji! haha fashion and hairstyle are similar

  4. I knew it I'm not the only one. haha I think Sandeul looks like Song Joong Ki too in certain angles.

  5. Jeannie: haha ok I'll feature your Jinyoung in my next entry
    Anonymous pips: Thanks for the comments hehe

  6. Haha! There is no mystery to these "look-a-likes"
    They all go to the same doctor who fixed them up and made them look better. It just so happened that surgeries are limited to a couple of templates or "designs"! Thus this outcome of very similar-looking people!

    On a side note, even their music all sound alike! Ha!