Wednesday, November 9, 2011

K-POP World Festival 2011

The K-Pop World Festival is holding an online event under the theme of ‘Become a fan of K-pop.’ The promotional event lasts from November 8 to December 7, according to an announcement from the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
The K-Pop World Festival invites performers from all around the world who participated in and got through the preliminary rounds of regional K-pop contests run by the overseas Korean cultural centers. The final round will be held on a special stage at the indoor race track stadium in Changwon City at 6 p.m. on December 7. Seventeen teams from 15 countries will perform in the final competition, which will be aired live on KBS.

The idea for this event came from the trend of similar, smaller-scale events that have been held by overseas Korean cultural centers and Hallyu fanclubs in their respective regions. This government-sponsored event is especially meaningful as the international finalists are invited to visit Korea. “KOCIS is conducting the online event to contribute to the spread of the Hallyu (or Korean wave) boom and make it an annual festival since it is not very familiar with people yet,” said a staff member in the KOCIS.

Fans can participate by visiting the Korea net website ( or the official event website ( where they can leave cheer messages for the finalists and vote for their favorite performers.

The official event website is operated in English to attract more participants from diverse countries. A total of 63 online participants will be randomly selected on the Korea net website on December 9 to receive prizes such as a tablet PC, digital cameras, hard disk drives, or online gift vouchers, in the final stage. KOCIS hopes that running the event through the Korea net website provides easy access to information about Korean culture for foreigners who are interested in Hallyu including K-pop. In addition, KOCIS wants to encourage foreigners to take an interest in traditional Korean culture through this event as well.

By Lee Seung-ah Staff Writer

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