Friday, November 11, 2011! Another Interesting Way to Learn Korean Language^^

New lesson each day + Corrections from native speakers within 24 hours!
The website's goal is to help you really learn to speak Korean, even if you study on your own without going to a Korean school. At , you can learn with new lessons updated everyday, write your own practice sentences and get corrections from native speakers within 24 hours.

Learn to speak natural Korean and keep track of how much studying you are doing, as well as win prizes from monthly contests!

Here's a walkthrough about this amazing service ^^

Go start learning and practicing at and if you have any questions, email them at!

What happens to TalkToMeInKorean? Of course, TalkToMeInKorean will always be there for you, providing free learning materials! Isn't it amazing! 대박! ㅋ

*Haru (하루) means day

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