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Hallyu Wave in North Korea!

Just read 3 articles related to Hallyu Wave in North Korea from Radio Free Asia published in July 7th 2007, Koreatimes in June 24th 2011 and just today Nov. 21st 2011. Please read, I think it's very interesting.

North Korea Cracks Down on Korean Wave of Illicit TV(Radio Free Asia)

Authorities in North Korea are intensifying a crackdown on imports of South Korean popular culture, especially television dramas, but the South’s “Korean Wave” may already have taken a strong hold in the isolated Stalinist state. South Korean music, soap operas, and movies have already taken the rest of East Asia by storm, and, according to North Koreans now living in the South, the South's arch-rival North Korea is no exception. 

One of the smash-hit TV dramas to emerge from South Korea in recent years has been “Winter Sonata,” a delicate and emotional love story that has spawned its own fashions as people seek to imitate details from the story.
“I watched ‘Winter Sonata’ in North Korea and I even recall the name of the leading actor, Bae Young Joon,” said a defector to South Korea identified only by his surname, Kim. 

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Hallyu is shaking up North Korea (Koreatimes)

    "Hallyu," or Korean wave, has been sweeping the world from Southeast Asia to Europe and further to South America. This is no exception in North Korea.

   “South Korean thrillers, Iris and Athena are very popular there,” said Free North Korea Radio.

   “The hair style of actress Song Hye-gyo from the soap opera, All In, is in vogue in Pyongyang, but the North Korean authorities are reinforcing its regulations,” said Daily NK.

   News outlets handling news about North Koreans are delivering reports on the South Korean wave in the North through sources from the reclusive country.

   Kang Dong-wan, professor of international relations at Dong-a University in Busan, and Professor Park Joung-ran from the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies affiliated with Seoul National University have published a book, “Korean Wave, Shaking Up North Korea.” The book says, “North Korean citizens are admiring South Korea with the illusion of lives of it”. 

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North Korean celebrities are struggling because of the Hallyu Wave (allkpop)

    Radio Free Asia (RFA), a non-profit organization that operates a radio station and internet news source, recently published a story about North Korean celebrities being forgotten due to the Hallyu Wave.  Apparently, South Korean movies and dramas are spreading like wildfire inside the isolated country and are devouring low-quality North Korean films.
    According to an insider in North Korea, “I don’t know anything about new North Korean songs or movies that have been released.  There are only 3-4 [North Korean] films that are produced each year, but since there are so many South Korean movies laying around, no one pays attention to our [North Korean] films.”

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