Saturday, November 12, 2011

Big Concert (수능 Concert)

I was going to meet a friend who owns a store near Sejong University when I heard voices of young girls shouting and singing U-Kiss songs. Then once I got out of the subway station, stalls of different goodies and souvenirs of idol singers like Infinite greeted me. It was all over the area. Just when I was about to wonder what's happening, a really huge banner was rolled down right before my eyes...taraa! It says BIG Concert!

What in the world is BIG Concert?

In Korea, they have different names for every concert. They are already using Happy, Dream, Hallyu Wave,Star, Friendship and more. And this one is using BIG. So I asked one staff what's the concert for. Then she pointed the banner and said it's a tribute to students who took the Korean College Scholarly Ability Test (수능). Amazing!

Big 5 or 7?

Then I saw banners saying BIG 5. What's the five for since there were 7 performers? Main 5 were BrownEyed Girls,Orange Caramel, U-Kiss, Infinite and Simon D. Then during the concert itself the host kept on saying BIG7 and not 5. So I guess he included the Superstar K singers  because Lee Boram and Kim Gue Lim.


I asked the staff if I could still get tickets but they said no since reservation was needed. So just when I was about to go, I saw Tia of Chocolat. Really beautiful. She interviewed some fans and let them dance too. I heard they were filming it for a new program Mnet US Countdown which will be launched this December. Then I just went to my friend's store had a small talk and dinner then after an hour or two customers rushed in so I decided to just leave. Going back to the subway station I heard people shouting. Staffs were shouting free entrance! free entrance! hahaha so I went inside and watch the concert! lol

Fan Service

U-Kiss came down from the stage and shook hands with many fans. The other singers just sang, did short interviews and encourage students. The finale was Infinite. I would say that most of the fans who were there were Infinite's. Some fans were called up on the stage and posed with Infinite members. I could hear fans saying 부러워 which means they're jealous or envious of how 7 fans were able to take pictures, talk and even hug the members.

Well, what I wanna say is that if you wanna see your favorite K-Pop stars in person, just come to Korea.You won't even ask for it, they'll just appear right in front of you.
수능- Korean SAT


  1. OMG Infinite my babies!!! Wait I'm seeing a lot of nonKorean fans! wow!

  2. you're so lucky! I wish I'm in Korea right now I will go to all INFINITE's show!!!