Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bibap! A Delicious Performance ^^

Beatboxing, b-boying, musical, cooking and food tasting? Believe it or not, these are just some of the actions you could see in this new performance called Bibap.


The structure and story is quite similar to that of Nanta, another performance of the same genre. A battle of two main chefs, they prepare sushi, pizza, Chinese chicken noodle and the finale, Korea’s very own Bibimbap. The story basically runs in this order with a very creative rendition in each of the scenes and bonus performances at the end.

With the help of KINSA,* I was able to watch this delicious performance, VIP seat. Now, let’s start cooking…


    this is one unique ingredient in the performance. Two of the casts give the beat, rhythm and sometimes lines in the whole show. Right from the start they already set the mood by starting with different sounds that could be produced through beatboxing. It must be very hard for them since they have to do it during the whole show.

    another spice to the show is B-boy. Recently, Korea has been gaining recognitions in the world of B-boying so I think the inclusion is very splendid. The manly physique of one B-boy dancer, who happens to be my friend hehe, surely satisfied many girls viewing palate. 

    it’s amazing how they used voices as main flavor to the show. The two lady chefs’ voices were really captivating plus the tenor of the red chef. One female cast looks like Pak Bom of 2NE1.^^* Really pretty ^^ haha There were also songs with one-word lyrics, which were superbly delivered.

Audience Participation
    a very common sort of practice in the Korean performing industry is audience participation. This may not just be in Korea but from what I notice it’s almost part of the tradition. But Bibap is a bit different because it gives more chances to the audience to participate than the ‘normal’ number. You'll be surprised when you watch it ^^ 

Food Tasting
    now this one is definitely amazing. I thought they’d never gonna do the food tasting but it seems that the script requires them to do so.The audience chosen will be asked to evaluate which dish taste better.

Hand Mime
    the hand mime was also great. I am always fond of watching hand mimes since it amazes me how a production works hard to create a number. Bibap's hand mime was carefully directed and creatively executed so it was fun ^^

Combining all these ingredients will give you a good harmony and incredible experience. A definitely must watch show. 

Click these images for the theater location and performance schedule.

1.Take exit 3 of City Hall Station (Line 1 and 2)
2. Walk straight then take the first turn (left) and you will see Hanhwa Sonbo Cecil Theater.

For ticket reservation visit

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*KINSA- Korea International Students Association 


  1. OMG! Is the Bboy picture above part of the show? WoW! This is it I'm really gonna buy a ticket now! Who's with me? ^^

  2. hehe yeah you should watch it ^^

  3. ^^ 감사합니다^^ 재밌게 보셨는지?
    저희 블로그로 퍼갈게요~

  4. They are in Taiwan right now! My friend watched it and they said it's really good!

  5. OMG This is really very good! :) My friends and I enjoyed it a lot!