Friday, November 18, 2011

Banana Talk Special (1): A Place to Eat, Relax and Talk ^^

Let me introduce a place you must drop by when you are in Korea. When we go out on a date with friends or special someone, there are times when we find ourselves agonizing on where to eat or talk because we all have different cravings for food or drinks. I think this place is an answer to that, Banana Talk.

Let's say you and your friends decided to visit Grand Children's Park, after a long walk and fun you can drop by at this place. It's a place to relax and chat over a cup of coffee or smoothies or whatever drinks that soothes you. You might also wanna sip your drinks with some desserts like waffles of different toppings or try the classic burger and fries. Customers happen to be from all walks of life.
Aside from the park, the place is also near Sejong University and residential area. So many students gather, even moms and kids too. If you happen to be hungry you can also order pasta or a Korean food for that matter. The menu is really amazing! In the evening, it caters different events and since it becomes like bar, it's a perfect place to hold parties. The place has a wide space and has sort of European style architecture and ambiance. Definitely a perfect place for small gatherings, chitchats, study and since wifi connection is really good, meaning it could also be a perfect place to do your online chores.

Why Banana Talk?
First thing that got my attention was the name of the place, Banana Talk. So I asked the owner and he told me that I have to figure it out. haha So it must be the menu? Some food and drinks listed on the menu have bananas on it. It could be a reason, right? Or on the naughty side it could be a place where girls can talk about boys, so Banana Talk. I know what you're By the way, the place is already known for having a "goodlooking" owner and waiters. So, when you come and visit, you can  take pictures with them.

To satisfy your hunger, our next story will be Banana Talk's Menu...and the Boys? haha Stay Tune!

Grand Children's Park Station Line no. 7, Exit 6 then just walk straight for roughly 5 minutes.

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Banana Talk is not a sponsor nor did it pay the blogger. The blogger is a close friend of the owner. hehe ^^ The owner will be featured in Power Korean section. Watch for it.


  1. I remember the drama Pasta.All Chefs are goodlooking! Banana Talk...OK noted! hahaha Definitely gonna visit you!

  2. This is such a cozy place! I would love to try eating in here someday. :D