Saturday, October 22, 2011

PUNCH (완득이)

If you're looking for a good movie to watch, PUNCH (완득이) is super extremely highly recommended. ^^

I've seen the movie when it was pre screened at the recently concluded 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

I personally like PUNCH (완득이) for many reasons. Aside from a very touching story, the script or the lines are very witty. The jokes in the movie may be a bit cultural but it really cracked up everybody in the theater. I've already seen it twice before the gala premiere and twice again until yesterday, everyone in the crowd seemed to have liked it ^^ The jokes never cease to make me laugh.

I also like it because it shows some realities in the Korean society that need to be reflected by Koreans themselves. Actually the movie is  based on a novel written by Kim Yeo-ryung. I'll just drop bits of the movie since I don't want to take the surprise element from you hehe. In the movie, I like how they tried to give justice to foreigners who marry Koreans.You should watch it and see what I mean ^^ Well, I am not sure but you may also find yourself crying...People who were sitting beside me all cried.. So you might as well bring hankies with you.

And of course, I like it because three of my friends are part of the movie. Yep, they're all celebrities. ^^  hahaha. The leading actor Yoo Ah-in 유아인 , the beautiful Filipina actress Jasmine Lee 이쟈스민  and Lee Tae Yeong. Again, I don't want to take the element of surprise, so please just watch it ^^

Other Casts
Kim Yoon-seok 김윤석 
Park Soo-young 박수영   
Kim Yeong-jae 김영재
Kim Sang-ho 김상호
Park Hyo-joo 박효주
Kang Byeol 강별

Directed by Lee Han (이한)

Pictures: Taken at 16th BIFF, except for the movie poster.

-For me the trailer is a bit misleading. It's part of the story but I think it's not the main message it conveys. The actual message is way deeper. (Although I know why they made the trailer like this)
-Some theaters in Seoul offer English subtitles check