Thursday, October 6, 2011

Conversations with miss A and 2PM

You've already probably seen many pictures of miss A and 2PM during the production presentation of an interactive movie Annyeong (안녕). I just wanna share mine too, what happened during the presentation and my personal chitchats with them.

So during the event they told us about their experiences while making the movie. Despite their very busy schedule they were still able to make some time for the movie. I focused my attention to Suzy ^^ because she's my girlfriend ehem haha. She said doing the interactive movie Annyeong (안녕) gave them some time to unwind and relax instead of working so doing it ended up to be fun and worth it.
They also told us about their roles in the movie, which I will write in my next entry.

 So for my chitchats with them I was really starstrucked when Suzy was right in front of me. She's like an angel ^^ hehe. I told her that I've seen all her dramas. Since I was very nervous I stuttered with my Korean but she still tried to listen and asked me if she didn't get it. She's just very kind and cute ^^ Same goes to Jia and Min. Fei didn't talk to me though but I still like her. hehe.

 For 2PM, I also did talk to them. Topics were, for Wooyoung about his Pusan accent and for Junho how he really looks like Rain haha. For Taec I just said I saw him hosting at the Hallyu Dream Festival (which was the day before). Junsu and Chansung didn't talk to me but they just kept on looking at me. Maybe they were wondering why a man wanted to get a sign from them. hahaha.

During the program they gave some prizes to the fans. Prizes were the clothes worn by Chansung, Suzy and Taec in the movie. Unfortunately, I didn't win. As you can see in the pictures, two guys from Singapore got it. When the guy, who received Suzy's dress, was asked what's he gonna do with the dress, he said he'll give it to his girlfriend. And the funny thing was, he was asked if there's something he wanted to ask to Suzy. He immediately said NOTHING, which cracked up everyone in the hall.

2PM and miss A were also announced as honorary ambassadors of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

Another amazing discovery was that the chairman of KTO is a German-born naturalized Korean citizen. He's extremely fluent in Korean. His pronunciation and all are just like that of a Korean.

I personally extend my gratitude to buzz KOREA (
who organized the said event.


  1. WHOA. you got to see them? :) where?!

  2. yeah. during the production presentation of their interactive movie. ^^

  3. Oh my goshh your soo luckky:) were they all really nice ad stuff like they are on tv?