Monday, September 12, 2011

Tips for surviving Chuseok if you’re a Foreigner

Just read a blog entry from the Talk To Me In Korean portal. It's written by Stephanie Morris and photos are by Hyunwoo Sun 형님 ^^ about Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). I was about to write an entry about it but the blog already tells us almost everything we need to know about Chuseok.

Anyway, let me quote some tips mentioned for surviving 추석 (Chuseok) if you’re a 외국인 (Foreigner) in Korea.

* Double check the operating hours of the stores and restaurants you may possibly want to visit during the holiday. They may or may not be open!

* Find places to go to that are easily accessible by subway to avoid the holiday traffic. Subway stations will be virtually EMPTY and you will be able to grab a seat anywhere you want to.

* For the few days right before 추석, do not visit E-mart, Home Plus, or any grocery-like store for that matter, unless you are an adventure-seeker and enjoy being trampled by 아줌마들 (ajummas).

* The palaces in Seoul, Korean Folk Village, and 남산골 (Namsangol) village have various 추석 activities, and some museums may have 추석 attractions as well!

* If you want to avoid Korea altogether during 추석, you can book a ticket well in advance (a little late to try to get one now, though…) to get out of the country and go sight-seeing somewhere else for 3 days :)

추석 is a very special time for Korea, and if you are given the chance to experience any of the festivities or rituals, do not pass up the opportunity to engulf yourself in traditional Korean culture.

If you want to know more about Chuseok read the full article. 
Here's the link

You can also check this entry for Seoul Land, Everland, Lotte World, Seoul Global Center and more events for foreigners this Chuseok.

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