Thursday, September 1, 2011

KPOP Dance Festival (Philippines)

October 17, 2010, KFest Manila Events Management brought you KPOP Dance Fest, the first and the biggest KPOP cover dance showcase so far, where 75 KPOP cover groups auditioned for KPOP Nation's Dream Concert Dance Cover.

This year, we present to you The First Ever Philippines' K-POP Cover Dance Festival (Dream Concert Cover Dance Audition for KPOP Nation 2).

We are looking for the best of the best cover groups that will represent their Idol Group for this year’s Dream Concert at KPOP Nation 2 (December 2011). The audition will happen this October at the Philippine’s K-POP Cover Dance Festival 2011.

For Rules and Mechanics visit

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(Photo courtesy of KPOP and Culture Fest from KPOP Nation 2010 Album)


  1. Japan competition of K-POP Cover Dance Festival will be on live stream at GyaO Fb page having KARA as a special guest!

  2. Thanks for the info