Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jaejoong's kissing scene that made all girls cry... (Protect the Boss)

Just saw this drama spoiler post from earlier ( is a leading source of information and updates regarding K-pop/ Korean artists).  At first I thought it's a good way to get more viewers. The drama "Protect the Boss" where Hero Jaejoong of JYJ is one of the leading actors, is currently airing here in Korea and it's getting a fairly high viewership.

But when I read the some comments of his fans, many feel sad and broken hearted...hehe. Of course not all. Some are quite positive and 'pretended' not to mind. hihi Now I'm not sure whether it's a good strategy ...or... well... yeah... maybe I'm right... I guess SBS can expect a higher viewership.  After all Jaejoong's fans are very supportive, no matter what, they will support him ^^

The drama is broadcasted on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55.

Other Main Casts are
Choi Kang Hee, Ji Sung and Wang Ji Hye  (the so-called lucky girl).

The drama is fun to watch so if you haven't watched it better start watching now! 

Here's the link of the article from

And here's a video of the kissing scene

You can also watch the drama online


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