Sunday, September 25, 2011

International Students Sports Festival 2011 (Event Invitation)

Recruiting Teams for the 1st Annual “Global Family in Korea” International Students Sports Festival.

Date: Saturday November 5, 2011
Place: Namyangju Sports and Culture Center (near Donong Station, Jungang Ln.)

In this Sports Festival, 8 teams, representing 8 different regions, will compete against each other for the championships. These 8 regions include:
Seoul A, Seoul B, Seoul C, Gyeongin Region (Gyeonggi-do & Incheon), Yeongnam Region (Gyeongsang-do, Busan, Daegu, Ulsan), Honam Region (Jeolla-do, Gwangju, Jeju Island), Gangwon Region, Central Chungcheong Region (Chungcheong Province, Daejeon)

Each regional team will compete in the following events:
Men’s football
Women’s 7-a-side football
Volleyball (co-ed team)
Korean wrestling
Relay races- Men’s 200m, Women’s 200m, Co-ed 200m
Tug of War
Cheerleading Contest

We are recruiting teams for the following Events:
Men’s football: total 16 teams
Women’s 7-a-side football: total 8 teams
Co-ed volleyball team (6 players) (M-4, F-2): total 8 teams
Korean wrestling team (M-3, F-2): total 8 teams
(Relay race teams and tug of war participants will be decided later by each selected regional group of teams. Cheerleading teams should apply with men’s football or women’s football teams.)

Application period : 2011.9.20 (Tue) ~ 2011.10.5(Wed) until 5:00pm

How to Apply:
(1) Download application: KISSA homepage:
(2) Fill out application and send to

Participation fee: 12,000 won
(Applies only to players in each event, includes lunch, drinks, and insurance)
Supporters and cheerleaders are exempt

Awards: Prize money will be awarded to winning teams in each sport. A small award will be given to members of regional winners.

Please refer to our homepage for application guidelines.

For further inquiries, contact us at 02-3448-8503 (KISSA office) or by e-mail -
Facebook Page:

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